#376 our story

Cristine’s step-father passed away so be praying for her family. No matter how many children we bury it is always so painful. Her father did not even attend. We just buried Wendy 4 weeks ago and today we buried Sindy. Arolodo is such a tremendous father to the dialysis children. He makes all of their lives easier & he loves them as his own.

Both teams are doing outreaches today. Tonight the NC team will have bingo with the older boys.

Mayan pyramid and city

3/13/2002.  We had lunch with some supporters in Springdale, Ar and then ministered in the evening at 1stMethodist. Dottie needed a brace for her back so went and bought one at a medical supply house. They asked us what we were doing in Guatemala. We told them and they gave us beds, wheel chairs and other items so we put them inn storage until se can get someone to bring them to Gulfport. Back in Guatemala the Elkmont, Al. team left and a few hours later a container arrived filled with building supplies. There was floor tile on it so Jerry is making a return trip.

3/14. We spoke at the Downtown Fayetteville Rotary Club where Dottie’s brother, Jim, is president. Over the years this one club would raise hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of items for Casa. They equipped our commercial kitchen as well as the dining hall. They provided beds and cabinets for the largest dorm. They would provide dozens of computers for both the high school and the university students. Their last project in 2017 was to provide a commercial cow. This is a contraption that turns soybeans into milk. Back in Guatemala, Melvin, an older boy,was beaten by a gang when he left basketball practice up in the village. Dr. Herman came and ministered to the children.

3/15. We drove to Crossett, Ark. to visit Dottie’s family. We experienced an “Only Jesus” moment. When Dottie’s half sister was still in school and unsaved she gave birth to a child which she gave up for adoption. She has longed for that child all of these years and this past week that “baby” is now 39 years old and he found her. He is coming see his mother so Dottie and I cried like babies. In Guatemala there is a small factory that sits opposite to us across the highway. One of the female workers was crossing the road and was hit by a truck. Our team tried to help her but she died before the ambulance arrived.