#375 our story

Sadly Sindy 1 passed away last night. So Wendy, Marjorie and now Sindy have died this year from kidney failure.  Sindy was with us the longest.

Teams are working in dorms, painting, sewing & cutting grass on the soccer field. They are also doing crafts, games and ministering to the children.

Dialysis children Sindy, Wendy & Marjorie died this year & Luis 3 years ago.

3/9/2002  We drove back to Bossier City where we spent the day and went to bed earlier. In Guatemala the container is being help up at the port. The Department of Health found a small box of expired baby formula so they are going through all of the boxes. The men finished the wiring on the new dorm so we now have electricity. Dr. Pitts arrived with a team to visit Casa before they move into the mountains for a week long medical clinic.

3/10. We ministered at the two Restoration churches pastored by Murray in Elm Grove and by Bill in Bossier City. Both congregations were so kind. Bill & Barbara decided they wanted to bless us with a Thanksgiving dinner since Thanksgiving is not celebrated in Guatemala. So we had it eight months early. In Guatemala David Jones preached to the children.

3/11. Left Bossier City at 5am and drove to First Smith, Arkansas. Dottie went to the first mall that she saw and I went to a Christian bookstore which is my greatest joy when I am in the states. Sadly today (2019) Christian bookstores are disappearing. In Guatemala Aura had the wires removed from her hand but now we will have the other hand operated on. Bill Hood and Steve went searching for a crane that extends over 60 feet so that we can erect the water tower.

3/12. We visited with Thom who is 2018 would become our board chairman. He and Shawna drove from Clarksville, Tn. Dottie and I drove to Fayettevile where we will stay a few days with Dottie’s brother Jim and wife Linda. In Guatemala Carlitos, our deaf child, was admitted to the deaf school. Jose preached to the kids.