#374 our story

I am teaching the children Romans 8:28 on loving God & hearing His call on your life.

A mother down the road tried to cross the highway & a pick-up killed her & her two children.

The Steele Creek had a game day with the dialysis children.  

Grandsons Robert and Jefferson

3/4/2002.    We began buying building supplies as well as items needed in our school. For instance all of the high school and college students (91) need USBs and a professional calculator. We also are buying Christmas gifts. In Guatemala Brennon is taking Carlos’s place while he recuperates. 

3/5. Mike Borja down on the coast of Mississippi is picking up the building supplies and getting them to the container. In Guatemala Steve received three children found abandoned.

3/6. We drove to Alexandria where we had lunch with Melvin and Clo. He was unable to attend the board meeting due to a death in the family. For years I have referred to him as my pastor and that would remain true until his death in 2018. Our son Tony met us and we loaded his truck with items for the children. He drove them to Baton Rouge where someone from Gulf Port met him. 

3/7. Steve called me twice from Guatemala with problems that we solved. I spent the rest of the day at bookstores. Dottie was finally able to sleep late. Michelle has been a real trooper on this trip. We need to have her ears checked because she needs hearing aids.3/8. We drove to Gibsland near Shreveport where we met with Bill and Barbara. They actually have an old home that is on the national registry. It was really a great experience to sleep in that old house. It was more like a cabin. In Guatemala the police brought 2 more children. Garalda is 4 and Teresa is 14 months. Steve said an hour later the police brought 2 girls ages 8 and 12 who had been raped by their grandfather.