#373 Our story

The Virginia team took the older boys to a movie and a meal. The NC team played with the children using art and then had ice cream for all the kids who did not go to the movie.

A boy, a ball, true happiness

3/1/2002. We drove through a very heavy rainstorm arriving in Lake Charles in the early afternoon where we met with Malcolm and Wes. The rest of our board arrived later so we went to dinner and then began our annual board meeting. A couple from Arkansas came to meet with us as they are interested in being house parents. In Guatemala Dr. Mollindo performed ultra sounds on a few of the children. One of our older girls was kidnapped as she was leaving school. The police knew her case and was able to locate her with a gang. So the courts will place her in a home far from the city.

3/2. The board continued to meet and it was possibly the most productive meeting that we have ever had. Two very important decisions were made. First, we will build 5 apartments for unmarried staff who are not house parents. Second, Wes discovered that our current 501-C is accepted by the Guatemalan government. But as a side note here it would be a lengthy and expensive process that would have Wes and I scratching our heads. In Guatemala Jon took a group of children to a dermatologist while Wendy took the 4 epileptic children to their appointments. Gladys saw her sister for the first time in 13 years. This is the sister who stabbed her. She came to tell Gladys that she was saved and asked Gladys to forgive her. Nedelia, baby dorm coordinator, had her appendix removed.

3/3. We ministered at St. Michael’s Episcopal church in the morning and this was followed by a reunion of our old church, Aleluya Acres. There were so many folks there we had not seen in years so it was great. In Guatemala Carlos had his appendix removed so we have two staff members in bed. Jerry is tiling and Bill is building cabinets.