#372 our story

: Teams from Virginia and North Carolina arrived today.

A number of our high school students are participating in a science and math Olympics in Antigua.

We had a judge come just to visit and learn more about Casa. She actually cried when she spoke to some of the children she had sent here. She told Josue’ to expect her to be calling often.

I was having trouble with my bank account so the bank manager from Chimaltenango came to help me. It took over an hour to fix it.

I gave my testimony to the American teams.

2/28/2002. What an awesome experience! Dottie and I arrived with Michelle at the neurologist’s office without an appointment and after telling them Michelle’s story they called the neurologist who was still at home. She drove to the office and said to me, “I know why you are here. I have heard you on Christian radio and I have need of prayer for a serious problem. I normally work in Lafayette but felt that I was supposed to stay in Slidell today. I need your prayers.”

After the prayer she then began looking at the x-rays and CAT Scans done in Guatemala. After an extensive examination and tests she told us that the treatment in Guatemala was as good as anything in the USA. So we three realized that we went to Slidell not for Michelle but for that doctor.

We were so excited and blessed as we drove from Slidell to Baton Rouge to see our oldest son, Tony. So it was a blessed day knowing Michelle was getting the correct medical care in Guatemala; praying for the neurologist and then seeing our son, my sister and my mother. Tanya, our daughter, called to tell us she was on the way to the hospital to give birth to our 13thgrandchild. 

Dottie and I will be ministering in many places as well as purchasing the building supplies. We are calling the dorm “Los Estrellitas” which is The Little Stars. Every time I am around them they brighten my day. There are 447 children here now.