#371 Our story

Dottie has decorated with USA flags, wreaths and nicknacks. She & Oscar even barbecued hamburgers & hot dogs.

We received a 13 year old girl last night. Then we received a family of 4.

The kindergarten children made me a decorative paper tie for a belated Father’s Day.

A young lady, McKenna, from Moody Bible Institute is here for one year.

One of our girls was robbed today & is terrified.

The kindergarten gave me a tie for Father’s Day

2/26/2002.  The little twin girl, Nancy, returned from the hospital as did Juan Carlos who had his tonsils removed. They are both fine. Dottie has suffered with scheduled surgery for when we return from the states. John walked me through the dorm so I will be more aware of the building materials I need to purchase.

Then Steve and I met because he will be in charge while I am gone. We have such a good staff and everyone does above and beyond what is required of them. They all know what to do and they do it willingly and faithfully. Paola made some last minute changes to the power point I will be using in the states. She and Wendy arrived late because they had major car trouble in El Salvador. But they were blessed as a group of government officials helped them.

2/27. Dottie and I left early for the airport and flew to New Orleans. We arrived early enough to go to the bookstore at the Baptist Seminary. We have Michelle with us and so we drove to Slidell where Michelle will be examined by a pediatric neurologist tomorrow. We are praying it works out because we do not have an appointment.

Michelle is the child suffering from hydrocephalus who came to us at 5 months of age. When she was born her unwed mother brought her to her parents and the grandfather upon learning of her disease took her back to the hospital and actually threw her on the floor and said, “I do not want a monster in my house”.