#370 our story

Our generator that runs half the property is sinking. Pray we can get it fixed before it is damaged. This is a major project.

Griselda, dialysis, is doing worse as she is biting the nurses. The neurological damage is extensive.

We received five new children ages 1 through 8.

There is a poor woman who needs a new roof. The cost will be around $1000 should you want to help.

Also we are helping a church in Xejolon finish the construction of their church. Any gift you send marked for them we will get it to them


2/24/2002. Dottie and I will be going to the states in three days so we had Bible study with the staff and then a meeting with everyone so all will know their responsibilities. Carlos hired a new teacher as we had to split a class due to size. Regina has taken on the huge task of making all of the zerox copies for the school classes daily. Paola and Wendy went to El Salvador to renew their passports. We were pleased at how well the older girls acted since Wendy was not here for 3 days. I had an extra Bible class for the teenagers tonight since I am leaving.


2/25.   John made drawings, plans and a material list for the renovation of the old dorm so that I can get the building supplies in Gulfport and have them shipped on a container. The police brought 3 abandoned children this afternoon. Katy is 3, Lely is 4 and Hector is 6. They were so frightened when they first arrived. I know that the size of Casa and large population is intimidating for many children from small villages. We had a visit from the Mahms who stopped by with a group from Corpus Christi to visit. They were missionaries here for many years and helped us with teams.

Dottie and I went to buy the groceries and supplies for the 9 boys living in our house. We had to buy 5 weeks worth. The men began painting the sheetrock in the new dorm. Another group began putting up a fence around the area where we are putting a 1000 gallon butane tank near Carlos’s dorm. It will also provide protection for both Carlos and David’s vans.