Our kids love soccer so they watched the woman’s world cup as the US beat England.

The team had craft with Vencedores, art with Estrellitas and art later with Dialysis.

I worked on the June financial statement.

It is so much fun to love a child

2/19/2002. John & David went to the city for tile, fencing for the butane tanks and other building supplies. Oscar needs major surgery on his nasal passage but we cannot find a surgeon who will do it. I am trying to contact a physician friend in the states who can help us. Two other children need surgery. Antonio needs surgery as he has a cleft palate and Chino needs surgery on his leg. Both would get their surgeries within the month.

2/20. A physician took our Michelle for a CAT scan but she fought so hard that they had to come get me. Dottie and I made radio shows. I do Monday through Thursday and she does Fridays. The children began exams. Carlos and Polly took a long weekend so Brennen and Lynette watched the school and Steve Fox stayed in the dorm for Carlos.

2/21. The CAT scan as well as the xrays so the neurologist asked for all of the tests we had done 2 years ago when we took Michelle to New Orleans for exams. Horrible tragedy in an orphanage in Saragoza, 15 miles from here, when the dorm caught on fire and six babies burned to death. There were a number of children burned. Dottie and I have visited with the nuns there.

2/22. I went to two different schools to get report cards for Gladys, Silvio and Moises and both school directors told me how great the three of them were. Lynette has a family situation back in the states so she is leaving and we are not sure when she will be back. This isa crushing blow to our educational program.

2/23.Paula did a head count today and we have 443 children with only 117 of them singles. The rest have siblings here with them. Today we made major changes with all of the high school and career girls moving into Doncillas and all of the Aleluia teenage girls moving into Esperanza. The government reported today that at least 600,000 children in Guatemala do not get an education. Juan had his tonsils removed today. In recovery he started coughing and ripped out the stitches so they had to take him back into surgery and restitch him.