National holiday! The Arkansas team made a full day of it. Lunch & games with Cometas. Art work with Vencedores. Games with Cssa Genesis. Ice cream for everyone & the babydorm.

 2/14/2002. The Mississippi team was scheduled to leave today and Wes was scheduled to arrive but the air traffic controllers went on strike. It would last 24 hours. I was looking forward to meeting Brad who was born in Guatemala and adopted by Wes and Sue Ann. He is now a teenager so this will be his first visit to the land of his birth.

2/15.  My blood pressure is off the charts so I was given nitro-glycerin. I can control many things but the stress of this ministry is constant. A judge asked if I would help a 14 year old girl who has 6 seizures or more everyday. Another judge actually came to inform us that there was a death threat against one of our girls who has to go to court and testify against her grandfather for sexual abuse. Steve was robbed again downtown. I had to fire a worker for stealing. Part of the stress is that I have 9 PTA meetings to attend in 4 days. We have high school students all over Guatemala City, Chimaltenango and Antigua.

2/16. Donny and the Alabama folks arrived to begin the sheetrock work in the new dorm. John began measuring and deciding on how we can best utilize that old dorm for the 7-9 year old boys once the older children move out.

2/17. I preached to the Americans and Donny preached to the children. Twelve children came to the gate but we cannot take any of them without paperwork from the courts.

2/18. Jack & Dick from Illinois arrived to help with the painting. God just blesses us so much by sending the right people when we need them.