#367 our story

Visiting day so we had services in the evening. The Arkansas team had classes in art for Esperanza & Doncellas.

We moved 2 boys to Cometas & 2 from Cometas to Vencedores

Jim took the third group of discipleship students to the concert.

We had a team drop by for our worship study.

Do not forget to pray that God will provide new dorm parents by December.

2/11/2002. I worked on the Christmas list and I assure you it will be many years before we give everyone a bicycle. Steve went to a school meeting in my place and while he was in the school thieves broke into his car and stole his radio and other items. A Mississippi group along with Stacey arrived. The courts sent us Delmi who is about 8 years old. We had that rash of measles but it is now tapering off with the younger children only to leap in the older dorms where we now have 12 cases. Wendy is a nurse from Alabama so having her here has been a God send. Evelyn,16, almost died last as she had a reaction to penicillin. We got her to the hospital in time. 

2/12. Our staff began working on the plumbing while the Mississippi team began wiring the school and the dorm. There are 4 licensed electricians so that is wonderful. They added lights on the outside of the baby dorm so now there is more security at night. This sounds strange as you read this in 2019 but in 2002 I will give typewriters to all the graduates. Kids in 2019 do not have an idea as to what a typewriter is. We have 30 high school seniors this year. 


She will be our first child to go the states but in time there will be over 70 more go to the USA.

2/13. Jorge and Estella went and got their passports today. Jorge takes the ACT tomorrow. Sadly Jorge would pass away before ever getting to study in the US. He is teaching English in  Christian school in Guatemala City. A team from Lima, Ohio arrived today.