#366 our story

Jim took more teens to the Christian music fest.

Louisiana team left.

Cristi’s team had a movie for all of the older boys and girls.


We won all games

I was so sad that we could not find George Muelllers home for children in Bristol. We sat in front of the University of Bristol and I was thirsty so walked accross the street to get a coke. The man asked me why I was in Bristol I tould him I was looking for George Mueller homes for children but had no luck finding them. He laughed and pointed towards the four large buildings where Dottie was sitting. He said, “Those are the 4 buildings that held 500 children each and his offices still exist. He gave me the location.

Immediately Dottie and I went to the home. It was now a ministry for writing and distributing tracts around the world. They took me into the yard where there were 3 kneeling benches two of which were broken in half. The gentleman who now ran the ministry told me that Mueller prayed every day for 4 hours and that he had prayed through two of the benches.

I asked him what happened to Mueller’s ministry when England began their government homes for orphans and he replied with the following.

“In the late 1890s George Mueller had prayed personally for each and every new child who arrived at his home. On a Wednesday night in 1898 when he was 93 years old he preached the evening service and returned to his cottage. They brought him an infant just found in the streets. He prayed for that baby and went to sleep in his chair only to die in the night.”

Dottie and I began to leave when the minister said to me, “Can you wait 30 minutes?” We did and 30 minutes later an ambulance drove up and in a wheel chair was that baby George Mueller had prayed for in 1898. She was now 90 years old. I hugged her so hard and wept on her shoulder.

Little did I know that God would bless Dottie and I with the same privilege of praying for thousands of children.