#365 Our story

The trip to Quiche’ with Jorge was very positive. He saw his grandfather & brothers.

One of our Dobermans is sick. He acts as though he has been poisoned.

Christine has set up a store of the artwork by the children & the kids get the money. They made $660 this month.

A school from Chimaltenango came & played soccer at ever age group & both boys & girls.

Jim took some of his discipleship teens to a Christian concert in the city. 

Soccer tournament against Chimaltenango. Both boys & girls. All ages.

2/10/2002. Today is our 39thwedding anniversary. But as I type this it is 2019 & we have celebrated 56 years together. I believe our 25thwill also be my favorite.

I have always loved George Mueller who had the orphanages in Bristol, England before there was radio, email or just about no correspondence apart from word of mouth. Yet he fed 2000 children in his four large homes. These were pure orphans as Mueller only wanted children who had absolutely no one to care for them. Remember this was in the times of Charles Dickens and the absolute poverty in England.

I always wanted to go see those homes. Our son Tony won two tickets from Lake Charles to Houston & gave them to us for a short trip. I made reservations from Houston to London without Dottie knowing it. She did not realize what I had done until we were in line to fly to England.

When we arrived we could not find a church or a library or anyone who even knew who George Mueller was. So we drove to Bristol and again no one knew who he had been. I was so sad and entered a little grocery store and the owner said, “You are a Yank. Why are you here?” I told him I was looking for anything about George Mueller but no one knew anything.

He laughed and pointed across the street at the University of Bristol and said, “Do you see those 4 large dorms? Those are the buildings George Mueller built for his orphans. I ran and got Dottie and we looked into the dorms which now were filled with college students.

Stay tuned.