#364 our story

One of the visitors broke his arm playing soccer.

Oneisy and her family had a meeting with the judge. The mother did not show so they came home. PTL!

Five of our staff had to accompany Jorge’ from dialysis all the way to Quiche’ to meet with a judge.

The high school boys planted trees in the village.

Marilyn Gabriella came to Casa at age nine eighteen years ago. She is about to graduate in mechanical engineering & be married in August. She is leaving tomorrow & I am so proud of her.

The Louisiana team went on an outreach .

Marilyn Gabriella has lived at Casa 18 years

2/7. The Montana team left exhausted but they have prepared everything for the next team coming from Gulfport, Ms. Tomorrow. 

2/8. Dottie and I left early and went to Solola, Chichi and Poaquil to see how the construction of the three churches is coming along. The pastors are so grateful and, of course, I am grateful to all of you who help us in constructing churches, pastor’s homes and Sunday School buildings. The Tennessee did finish the roof and wiring on the new dorm. They took the afternoon off to play with the children.

2/9. Estela took the ACT today. I was asked to preach in Pishabaj and the pastor introduced me as follows: “Papi is my father also since my father and all my brothers were killed in the civil war. He is my counselor and my friend.” I was so humbled that I almost could not preach.