#363 Our story

I spent the day making radio programs for four months.

The teams had VBS, games, crafts and continued with construction. 

Gretchen leaves Thursday. She is such a blessing to me. I am very grateful for what she did with the Cometo dorm while Mike & Pam were gone.

Bible devotion with the older boys

2/3/2002. We had to take 7 children to the courts to speak to the psychologists. We did receive two new children Angela age 6 and Gladys age 16 who is the sister of Oscar. She actually came asking for a job. She said it was so that she could pay for her schooling. She is in 6thgrade so I told her we would accept her and she can go to school here. She is the sister of Oscar.

2/4. Unbelievable! I was in court for over 3 hours concerning the case of a girl threatened by her parents. An official called me and asked me to come to court. When I entered the judge’s chambers she immediately called all of the court personnel: psychologists, lawyers, social workers and others I thought that I was in trouble but she said these exact words: Everyday we have children who come here to court who have little food, clothing, medicine and the opportunity to study. I know that you are blessed and I wonder if you could help us with more children”. I was so humbled by what he said and my answer was “yes of course”.

Immediately she called the police and soon they brought 8 children for me to take home. Bob F. preached to the children and it was exactly what they needed to hear.    

2/5. I read in the newspaper that the Guatemalans were saying, “The Spanish are bigger thieves than the Mexicans”. They said the Mexicans own the phone company and the Guatemalans own the electrical company and Guatemalans pay 400% more for electricity than Mexico”. I do not know the truth but I can say that our utilities are off the chart. Our electric bill is over $5000 a month and in a few years it hit over $10,000 per month.