The Alabama team is doing an outreach in a village. Louisiana & Tennessee teams went to Antigua. The Oklahoma team had VBS with 3 groups morning, afternoon & evening.  In the evening the La. team had pizza and devotions with Doncillas. And in the midst of this 3 dorm rooms are being renovated. 

We need strong prayer for Griselda. She pulled her catheter out on purpose & continues not to know Aroldo since the time she quit breathing for 12 minutes. They have to tie her hands down. Please this is an urgent matter.

Michell in her costume

1/29/2002. We attended two more PTA meetings. Estella took her English Equivalency test for entrance into Union University in Jackson, Tn. They had time to grade the first half of the tests and she exceptional. We know that she did the same thing on the second half of the test. Jorge will take his test next week. He wants to attend McNeese in Lake Charles, La.

Our deaf child, Carlitos, has been enrolled inn the school for the blind and deaf in the city. It will require someone to travel on the bus with him everyday and go back in the afternoon to pick him up. Analy has taught herself sign language and volunteered to assume these tasks. 

We received a new child only 2 months old. His nostrils are fill with polyps that will need to be removed when he can tolerate the surgery. 

1/30. John took 4 children to court for me as I went with the mayor and city council of San Bartolome’ to the Department of Transportation concerning the construction of a crossover to be built over the highway. We live on the Pan American highway with its heavy traffic and our junior high and high school students must cross that highway to get to school. After a short explanation the highway department officials approved the crossover.