#360 Our story

Don & Lissi had a movie & food for the boys in Vencedores.  

Today we are packing up for our trip home Sunday.

The Oklahoma team took Esperanza to Petapa while the enter Star team went to Antogua & a team of 25 arrives this afternoon.  (Sat).

Some of the girls were treated to a day at the beauty salon.

Girls at the beauty salon.

1/25/2002.  Dottie and I went to Silvio’s and Moses’s school to meet the staff. This is a high school prep for medical students. Steve began purchasing roofing material, plywood, sheetrock, etc for the new dorm. Next week Bob and a Milan Tennessee group arrive to begin to frame the building. 

East Central High Fellowship of Christian Athletes sent 500 boxes of Christmas gifts that did not arrive until today due to shipping problems at the port. We will give the gifts out to the children tomorrow. There were other items on the container so it took a couple of hours to unload them. We received a new boy who is 13 but looks 10 so his eyes were wide when he saw all the Christmas gifts.

1/26. Each box contained school supplies, shoes, clothes and goodies so it took us hours to match the right child to the correct box. An advanced team arrived from tonight to set everything up before the main group arrives. 

1/27. Today is Sunday so we slowed the hectic pace of the last few days down to a crawl. Dr. Herman sent a large group from Atlanta to see the children and hear my testimony. This is something he has been doing for nearly 20 years.

1/28. We did not receive any Christmas cards this year which was so unusual. Then someone drove up who had gotten all the cards from Debbie when they were in the states in early December. We enjoyed the cards but sadly there was a notice from Debbie that Moose V. had died. He was special to me and I had even used him as an example of a kind and gentle husband and father.