#359 our story

We drove to Bunkie where we checked in, had lunch and then went to be with Don’s family. The memorial service was beautiful as his grandson outshone both the governor & I in remembering his grandfather.

Josue’. Sebastian and Billy had a very important meeting with one of the judges.

We are scheduled to begin a number of activities Friday at Casa and then VBS beginning Sunday.

Doiie and I presenting Dr. Hines with a certificate of appreciation.

1/24/2002. Over the next two weeks Dottie and I will have to attend parent-teacher meetings for 92 students. Thank God most of the students have the same teacher. For instance one school as 17 of our students in the same freshman class. But we do have students in 14 different schools.

A wonderful thing happened when we went to the first conference for 4 of our students in the same class. The director said that he had heard of us and wanted to help. He cut the monthly tuition from $40 per month to $30 and refunded the enrollment fees of $125. 

Byron has to go and teach English in Mazatenango as part of his medical training. He was one of the best sons a father could have but he suffered a brain aneurism at 21 and died.  Karen, Analy and Marleni finished their nursing classes. 

Safiano is the place where we buy all of our commercial kitchen and laundry equipment. Today the owner came to tell me that he was going to send us a technician every two months to service our equipment free. This would last about 5 years but we certainly are grateful for what he did since we had over twenty commercial items. God just keeps blessing us with His mercy.