#358 our story

Dr. Hines went home to Jesus yesterday. He was such a blessed brother to me and Casa. Our prayers are with his family. The memorial will be at 6pm Thursday and the funeral on Friday in Bunkie, La.

Aroldo says that Grielda is getting worse. Her catheter came out & she is experiencing memory loss.

Bob along with Tony & Nicky made bannisters for Vencedores.

We took our son, Chad, to dinner and had a good visit. 

1/21/2002. Sure enough! The judge called our social worker and read him the riot act about me not allowing the couple to enter in order to find a child to adopt. The truth is that I have had trouble with this judge in the past as she sends children back to their abusive families. Today the last 61 students of the 92 who study off campus began classes.

1/22. Today was another struggle. Electrical power is hit and miss and I believe that the meter readers do not come read the meters. I received an electric bill today that was three times more than last month even though we had 3 phase installed. I had to go to Antigua and convince them to send a meter reader back with me to Casa. He read the meter and sure enough it was three-fourths of last month’s bill instead of 3 times more. 

1/23. We had breakfast with Paul and Cristy in Chimaltenango. She translates books from English to Spanish for Christian authors in the USA. They also own a coffee plantation. They wanted us to meet friends of theirs, Teddie & Lisa, pastor from Alabama. I cannot imagine a more devoted Bama fan than Teddie but, in spite of that, we have been friends for over 17 years and his church has been so kind and generous to Casa. They have established a ministry in Chimaltengo that has built homes for hundreds of families. 

We have 23 babies with chicken pox. Our men were able to bless another ministry by cutting lumber for them while another group of our men carried steel girders to the construction site where they are building a clinic.