#356 Our story

Dr. Hines has been moved to hospice in Lafayette. He is in terrible pain & the family is asking for more prayers.

There were 19 candidates for President & the top two finished with 23% & 17% so there will be a runoff. The main themes were gang violence, poverty and corruption in that order.  Physical clashes were reported all over the country & some towns could not even vote due to gang violence at the polls.

Dr. Heidy & another dentist came and extracted wisdom teeth. 

My 3 grandsons on the front pew

1/16/2002.  Again Dottie and I spent the day purchasing school supplies. Both the junior high school & the high school in San Bartolome’ are very slow at giving us the lists. The university does not have a text books store so those students have to go to different locations in the city to find those texts. 

1/17. The girl with both US and Guatemalan status was ordered to court and I was told to bring both of her passports. The judge immediately destroyed both pass ports because they fear she is going to be kidnapped and taken out of the country. This is only the second time in 13 years that the judges sent either policemen or soldiers to escort me and a child to court. While I was in court we received 4 children. They are Joshua 11, Kersie 9, Katerine 7 and Shishela 5. Today, May 7, 2019, Kersie and Katerine are both on staff with us. The father is in prison. 

1/18. We received still another girl named Maria age 10. She was abused so I have to take her and the four we received yesterday to the forensic physicians and have them evaluated. A group of boys from the village came and played soccer with our boys.