#355 Our story

Dottie and I finished writing the Christmas cards.

We went to a bookstore & bought Christian books for our trip home. 

Gathering for praise and worship

1/13/2002.  Today was accident day. Jose’ fell down the stairs and broke his nose; Sandra fell off her bicycle and had to have x-rays; Amando was hit by a bicycle and required 18 stitches. The children were all sent to bed early as tomorrow and breakfast will be at 6:30am with the first day of school starting at 7:15am.

1/14. The first day of school began with 37 of our teens leaving at 6am to catch buses into the city. Our school is departmentalized for the first time. Grades 4ththrough 6thwill have one teacher for those grades in math, social studies, history and language.  Our education monthly expenses have reached $20,000 for the first time. The teenage girl with duel citizenship must be very special. The judge has had one of her staff call each day to check on her. She was so horribly abused. 

1/15. Pastor Dave and Mama Gina’s son, David, works in a dairy was using a slicing machine and accidently cut off two fingers. Juan is teaching two boys how to weld so the three of them are welding the joists and beams for the roof of the new dorm. The school expenses are so high as we are starting school this month and have to buy thousands of dollars worth of school supplies. We will hold off on purchasing items construction for a month. We will need 4 new classrooms for the elementary next year.