#353 our story

Griselda is fully awake, responsive and doing wonderful.

Our soccer team represented our state against other states. They tied the first game & then won the second.

Dottie & I began shopping for items Dottie needs for Guatemala. 

Our soccer team that won a tournament in Guatemala Ciyt

1/5/2002. A new hotel, The Clarion, called last week and invited me to bring 100 children to their location in Guatemala City for a street party celebrating the Day of the Three Kings. So we took toddlers and little ones through first grade. They actually had 8 Mardi Gras King cakes each 150 feet long. Each child was given a bag of toys & goodies. There were a dozen cartoon characters entertaining them.

1/6. The students preparing to study in schools outside of Casa, 94 students, spent the day studying as tomorrow is when they take their entrance tests.

1/7. The Pennsylvania team left as did Danny and Angie. Carlos was so blessed at all the work that was done in the school. He gave me a list of students by class so read this: 14 in kindergarten; 26 in preparatory, 20 in preschool; 59 in 1st; 41 in 2nd; 50 in 3rd; 33 in 4th; 29 in 5th; and 31 in 6th. That is a total of 307. So with the 7ththrough college studying outside of Casa that is 401 students.

1/8. A lawyer from the Ministerio Publico came because tomorrow one of out teen girls has to testify in a murder case as well as her own sexual abuse case. She is actually from El Salvador and escaped to Guatemala because of abuse there and after arriving here she was taken by a gang and used sexually. She is 14 years old. The man who was keeping her captive and using her sexually killed his wife in front of her.

1/9. I took the teenager to court and as soon as she took the stand the lawyers for the man began filing paper after paper with most of it dealing with she was too young to testify. I was so disappointed when after sitting in the witness chair for three hours they told us to return in 2 days so the judges could read the legal papers. These cases are tried by a tribunal meaning three judges.