#352 our story

Georgie took Michelle (special needs) for lunch & ice cream so has made a friend for life.

Yesterday they took Griselda off of the breathing machine & she remained unresponsive. But today she moved her limbs, opened her eyes & recognized Aroldo. So keep praying.

I received a call from a donor who received a thank you letter from me that was mislabeled. So someone else received the letter for him. Please forgive me if I messed up with my thank you letters.

1/1/2002. New Year’s Day was a day of rest. We did not even cook a fancy meal. Christmas and 300 bicycles exhausted us. We did have to rush Juan, our welder, to the hospital with what they diagnosed as a pancreatic disease. It would prove later to be cancer. I was able to watch the LSU bowl game in Spanish.

1/2. John & Robyn took the children in their dorm to a water park. I spent the day making dozens of radio shows. The Pennsylvania team is painting the school. The new dorm is about ready for the older boys. Their current dorm will be painted and fixed up to be used as a girl’s dorm.

1/3. Would you believe we received nine new children today. Melvin & Jasmin are both 12, Julio 10, Dania 14, Vivian 11, Marilyn 9, Yemi 15, & twins Mildred and Ilsa age 6. Today I began enrolling the junior high students in San Bartolome with 16 seventh graders, 35 eighth graders and 13 sixth graders. With the 30 university students we will have over 90 monthly tuitions.

1/4. Danny is building cabinets for the school and the Pa. team is finishing the painting of the classrooms. They are also installing the drop ceiling. The more than 90 children we enrolled all had to be taken to get school photographs; an original birth certificate; school diplomas from kindergarten, 1stand 6thgrades. They also had to have their grade transcripts for all grades. This is a daunting task that will tame me weeks to complete but the public school will give me time to do it. The most difficult phase is the original birth certificates as many of the children come to us without even a last name or the town where they were born. Oh, they also need a letter from their last year’s teacher indicating good behavior