# 351 Our story

Dottie took the opportunity to shop for our vitamins, etc. which we normally do in September.

The boys at our house are cleaning the water tanks.

I had a conference call with Thom who is our board chairman.

Charlie Rogers who was the man responsible for bringing me to Guatemala where I could here the voice of God is preaching this Sunday in Moss Bluff.

Quique and the boys cleaning the water tanks

12/25/2001.The children rode their bikes all day. They did not want to stop for either lunch or dinner although Sheryl, Dottie and the women had cooked 40 turkeys. 

I stayed in bed because I am still ill. I thought about how far we have come since we left Louisiana in a pickup truck with 5 children inn the back in 1989. I wish that I could tell you that I had great faith but honestly I was so frightened I think that if someone would have called with an offer of a church I would have turned around and returned to the states.

Now after 12 years we have gone from living on a roof for a year and receiving one child, Josue’ to renting a home in San Cristobal and receiving 18 children and then to renting a chicken ranch house with 8 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms to purchasing a 3 bedroom house without a kitchen or even one bathroom and no water. God worked a miracle and we were able to add a kitchen and a bathroom & running a one-half inch water line from the village.

It has been over 30 years and more than 5000 children since the day I was so frightened at the Guatemala – Mexico border. God has been so loving & faithful over these many years. He has strengthened, loved and provided for us in a miraculous way. How do I count the ways? I can’t because the blessings are without number.

The year ended with our staff taking a large group of children with good behavior all year to an overnight trip to a safari world, swimming, bowling & bumper cars.