#350 our story

Aroldo texted me that Griselda is still in a coma. This is her 4th day. Her brain is swollen.  She needs a miracle. 

12/19/2001. It was a hectic day as I used 20 of the oldest teenagers to help me put the name on over 300 bicycles and tricycles. What made it so difficult is we placed the name, the number of the child and the name of the sponsor who gave the gift. It took us 10 hours to complete the task. In the midst of this we received 5 children who were all malnourished. There is a 6thchild(age 6) in the family who was hospitalized from malnourishment and abuse. The children are 11,9,7,6,4 and 2 years old. Steve went to the palace to share with the First Lady that we had nothing to do with the opening of the barrier on the highway.

12/20. The baby dorm is overflowing as we have dozens of children ages 0 to 6. Steve asked David to oversee maintenance since he and Sheryl are overwhelmed in the baby dorm.

12/21. I went to buy bicycles for the more than 30 new children we have recently received. My mother went with me. I continue to pray for her. She thinks I have wasted my education and my life by being a missionary with a doctorate. The sponsors and the KAJN radio audience in Crowley, La. have been so generous in helping us purchase bicycles. The United Nations announced today that there are over 100,000 starving children in the Central American triangle of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador. 

12/22. The biggest event today was my mother’s disappointment that we could not watch the LSU/Illinois football game.

12/23. We had the Lord’s Supper and dozens of children came forward for prayer. I shared about the Passover where the lambs were slain and their blood placed on the doors and that Jesus is our Lamb.