#349 our story

We attended church services at one of the local Lake Charles.  They had 30 members of Adult Teen Challenge and their testimonies were wonderful.

Another of the original members of Alleluia Acres in Lake Charles, James Savoy passed away today.

Gladys preached in my place today and the results were positive.

12/15/2001. The talent show was a great success. Paula put a number of photographs on line for you to look at. Lynette did an excellent job and the cooperation of the house parents was tremendous. We invited the community and over 120 showed up. The highway department closed the opening in front of our home so we have to drive 3 miles in the wrong direction before we can turn around. *This would be an ongoing problem even until today which is April, 2019. It will be a major problem also for the 18 wheel containers turning into our property.

12/16. We had a very lively church service and then left immediately to take Yakelin to her graduation in the city. Her sisters went with us and they wanted Chinese food. After the graduation they wanted hamburgers. During the night we had 3 intruders cutting the wire fence where we have the bicycles. Our guard caught them and fired his shotgun over their heads. They got the message! We are in the process of raising all of our fences 3 feet higher. Everyone in the community knows we have many things here so we will always have problems with theft.

12/17. I went to Antigua to pay the electric bill but they told me I had to go to Guatemala City. Steve and I stayed in line 2 hours before being able to pay. 

12/18. This morning a hydrocephalic baby died and the family was too poor to get a coffin and pay the fees. The cost was not even $100 so we took care of it. There have been 4 other similar cases over the years. Dottie and I know the intense pain of losing a child so we are blessed to help. Around midnight a social worker and a psychologist came with six horribly abused children. The six year old had been raped by the grandfather. The mother is the one who turned in her father because he had sexually abused her when she was a child. When the girl testified before the judge the grandmother ran to where she was seated and spit in her granddaughter’s face. The judge sentenced the man to 50 years in jail.