#348 our story

We woke up early and drove to Opelousas to see my sister, Charlotte, and Wayne then on to see Dr. Hines. The Guatemalan kids have sent him gifts. We left there and drove to Lafayette to visit Crissy and our 3 grandchildren. Returning to Lake Charles we visited with our son Chad. So it was a very busy but productive day.

Billy ministered at the staff service & everyone said it was excellent.

Griselda is on a breathing machine. Her heart stopped & now they are worried about her neurologic circumstances.

Crissy with Dottie, Ozzie, Katie and Nicky

12/12/2001. I finally went to the doctor and the culture shows that I have a staph infection. Today we were able to give every child a pair of tennis shoes, dress shoes and slippers. All of these shoes came from the generosity of our sponsors in the states. David and Regina returned from the states.

12/13. I took four children to the forensic clinic in the city because all four from the same family were sexually abused and the courts want the report so that they can file charges against the father. I had to return for 3 more children and bring them to forensics due to physical abuse. Carlos’s family arrived. I was served papers from the highway department stating that I had cut the median in the highway in front of our gate and they were filing charges. It was actually the neighbors who live on the other side of the highway.

12/14. Dottie and I took the college students to purchase text books and school supplies. Lynette is putting together a number of children for a talent show. Mildred & Estella were invited to a weekend retreat by one of the churches in the capital. Four years ago Mildred was brought to Casa. She had been abandoned by her family and was a major problem when she arrived here. But over the years her anger and bitterness slowly left her. She actually asked to go on the retreat.#349

12/15/2001. The talent show was a great success. Paula put a number of photographs on line for you to look at. Lynette did an excellent job and the cooperation of the house parents was tremendous. We invited the community and over 120 showed up. The highway department closed the opening in front of our home so we have to drive 3 miles in the wrong direction before we can turn around. *This would be an ongoing problem even until today which is April, 2019. It will be a major problem also for the 18 wheel containers turning into our property.