#347 our story

Griselda went into surgery to have her catheter changed & she went into cardiac arrest & is in ICU. Both Josue’ & Aroldo texted to tell me it was serious.

Brian’s funeral was so uplifting as he was such a beloved man. Dottie & I saw many of our old church Alleluia Acres members.

12/6/2001. Paula returned from the states. Mama Rene left for Chicago for a month. There is a young lady who has been visiting for a while. Her name is Lynette and she is a music teacher who has been working with the children. So today she presented a talent show with our children. God has blessed us with so many containers and because of that we were able to bless the First Lady with toys and dolls for government orphanages.

12/7. Today I finished paying the triple salaries to all of the staff. We received two sisters ages 4 and 8. They are very malnourished and look half their ages.

12/8. I have been ill for a month so the staff told Dottie to take me to a hotel for a couple of days. I slept all day until Dottie woke me at 8pm to watch the LSU/Tenn. game. Candida, age 13, had surgery to remove a large cyst on her ovaries. Also Aura had surgery on her wrists. Both surgeries went well. While I rested Dottie went shopping. 

12/9. I found a Christian TV station so was able to watch a full day of preaching and teaching. The Word of God is medicine so I am feeling much better. Steve found a better deal for our butane gas but it requires we get four 1000 gallon containers. We will save over $100 per month. Our butane bill runs over $1200 a month. 

12/10. There were 4 teenage boys who had perfect report cards all year so David took them to Tikal to tour the pyramids and jungle. We have 4 children with epilepsy. Today they all had CAT scans & EEGs. Otto suffers the most and as I write this on April 28, 2019 Otto has been dead for more than 5 years. Michelle is still having seizures. We adopted her and Dottie has been an awesome mother to Michelle.

12/11. Today the 21 suits I had tailor made were ready and I will give them to the boys for Christmas. My mother arrived for a one month visit. We are praying that the Lord will touch her heart.