#346 Our story

We had the wake for Brian tonight.

I have been in contact with Ginger who is Dr. Hines daughter and he is fading fast.

The weather is so wet and the traffic in Lake Charles is terrible as they are working on I-10 and the I-210 bridge. Farmers are late planting crops.

Kate said that our school was blessed with school supplies by two teams.

Ceiling fans were installed in Anngelitos.

12/1/2001. We were blessed to have the container arrive at noon giving us plenty of time to unload it. It had been red flagged meaning that it was opened by customs agents which means there would be items missing by the time it reached Casa. In fact we know for sure one of the new computers was taken. Anali, Karen and Marleni began their nursing student practice at a hospital in Mixco. Diana & Flor are taking violin lessons. Brennan arrived from Hungary last night. Dottie & the older girls distributed clothes to the poor.

12/2. After the morning service Dottie and I took the flatbed filled with 75 bags of clothes, 12 large boxes of shoes and 1000 pounds of rice, corn and beans to the village of Chinique. The church there feeds 200 children once or twice a week and we have offered to help them.

12/3. We spent the night in Chinique and then headed home after lunch. We arrived at Casa about 5pm and immediately had to go to Peronia which is called The City of Thieves. I picked up two children, Jose and Alma. While I was gone the courts sent Ana and Cedmer back home to Xela. Gunter and Vilfredo made the choice to stay. Eventually the siblings would return and both Vilfredo and Ana are on staff at Casa as I write this in 2019. Vilfredo would also graduate from college as did Cedmer.

12/4. Dottie and I continued to work on the Christmas gifts. David and Regina; Steve and Cheryl; Bill and Ann all left for the USA this morning.

12/5. We are trying not to turn away children. Our problem is that as soon as I can get new beds the courts immediately fill them.