#345 Our story

The weather was terrible flying into Houston so the plane detoured around San Antonio adding an hour to our trip.

Before we left we received a little girl. She asked Josue what time did she have to get up to cook breakfast. Josue told her she didn’t have o do that. She has been a slave. Josue, Karina & Kimberly prayed for her & she began crying with joy. Josue told her that Dottie & I were her new parents & she said, “But they are white!”. Matt picked us up in Lafayette & drove us to Lake Charles.

11/26/2001. Greg and Helena arrived from Tennessee. Dottie and I went to visit a church we had built in an area without a village. But it is so high in the mountains that the pastor could point out to us Chimaltenango, Itzapa, Antigua, El Tejar and Sumpango. Although the congregation is very poor they have opened a pre-school for the community. With the help of some of our donors this church also feeds over 100 children every day. The American family in that area is Bernie and Trish and they have a group of local women there who make various items to be sold in the USA which helps the school and feeding program.

11/27. We took Blanca for a CAT scan. Herb has been putting the 400 bicycles and tricycles together. The First Lady asked for photos so we sent her a few candid shots of the children as well as a Christmas card and a photograph of all of the children. This has been and will continue to be something Dottie and I would always do. Wendy arrived from Alabama and will be responsible for our little clinic.

11/28.  This afternoon seven policemen drove up in a truck with twin girls, Dina and Dinora. One of the policemen locked eyes with me and we stared for a few moments and then he said, “I know you. I arrested you last year”. It was true as

he and I had an altercation at a traffic stop. But we settled it there.

11/29. Two more children arrived. They are 5 year old Javiar & 4 year old Vera. An hour later policemen from Coatepeque arrived with two boys ages 10 and 11 whose parents had been killed in a car accident. Thirty minutes later the judge sent a 14 year old girl named Samantha. 

11/30. Dottie & I took 87 teenagers to buy school shoes as well as 174 school shirts(2 each), 174 pairs of socks and what seemed like a ton of school supplies.