#344 Our story

We received two new children last night.

Dottie and I spent the day preparing to leave for Lake Charles.

Two social workers came and spoke to our older boys about their life goals.

We have a new guard at the front gate because David had to retire due to age and health.

Dr. Hines has been placed in a hospital so I would appreciate your prayers for him and his family.

There are dentist hygienists on the team so they have been working on teeth.

11/23/2001. I was so happy to see that the solar panels Steve and Carlos installed were working. However, it did not last. 

11/24. Today was a general cleaning day and the children loved it. Then there was a wedding in San Bartolome’ that many of our teens attended. Elsa had her appendix removed and back at Casa Nadia had an appendix attack so we took her for surgery also. Blanca passed out and so we took her to the hospital where she stayed 3 more hours in this coma-like condition. She returned to Casa and we let her sleep in our room where we could monitor her.

Diana and Flor are taking violin lessons. Anali, Marleni and Karen are working at San Pedro hospital in Antigua. Our population reached 400 children this week. But today was a sad day as Jeanette who recently graduated from university in law and was our school principal fell dead at age 59. Dottie and I had been the only two who had attended her graduation two years ago. 

11/25. Last night we allowed the children to stay up until 11pm. They played game and cooked hog dogs. Today, Sunday, Carlos and Polly surprised the girls in Esperanza with a party. Dottie is painting the cabinets in our kitchen. A baby, Beverly, age 4 arrived. Bill and Ann from Alabama arrived and he will weld the bicycle racks for the 400 bicycles to be given at Christmas. Blanca had another seizure.