#343 our story

Brian passed away today. He was the husband of Cindy who is my secretary Debbie’s sister. I had the privilege of performing their wedding. Dottie & I will fly home to perform his funeral service. My heart is broken for Cindy and the children.

I gave my testimony last night and then the Huntsville team had a craft time with the older girls.

The Memphis team was kept busy by the jobs Oscar had for them.

11/19/2001. We are giving the teenagers robes and jackets to with their bikes. The Guatemalan newspapers reported that there are hundreds of thousands of sex workers in the country with a huge number being children. They also reported that two Korean factories are closing due to the World Trade Center attack although I do not get the connection. The factories will affect 6 villages. The way the factories operate is that they build near villages and then hire as many as want to work. So an entire family can work including the children. This gives families a good living wage when combined. 

11/20. Polly was traveling to the states and when she arrived in Atlanta there was a man running through the airport causing alarm so her flight was cancelled. Twice a year we have to pay a double salary in June and a triple salary in December. You can only guess how this affects our finances. As I write this in 2019 those salaries total over $50,000. Dottie and I took two nights off and John Henry, age 14, preached in my place.

11/21. Priscilla graduated tonight so Dottie & I attended the ceremony & taking

her and her family to dinner. She has been one of the most solid Christians ever to come through Casa. Today as I write this it is 2019 and her marriage is as solid as any I have seen over these 30 years. She is Amalia’s, our cook, daughter and is our praise and worship leader. My office manager, Debbie, in Lake Charles was in a car wreck. 

11/22. Rene organized all the workers for a Thanksgiving dinner. We received a terribly abused 6 month old baby and a ten year old girl, Jennifer. An hour later the courts sent us twins and 9 other children So Thanksgiving Day brought us a total of 13 children. I have so much to be thankful for.