#342 Our story

Pastor Paul from Summit Crossing ministered to the children this morning. Then the Memphis team and the Huntsville team combined and had an afternoon of games for all of the children.

The government announced that 1% of the Guatemalan people in 3 states have migrated into Mexico.

Dr. Herman’s team from Atlanta stopped by to play with the kids for an hour. Herman has been involved with Casa 30 years. 

11/15. Nine children were called to court today which is the most we have in one day in all these years. As we moved into the mid 2015 years the courts would call more and more children to give testimony of their family life.  Curtis & Rachel arrived to work on the electrical needs. Bill, Karl & Steve are working hard to get the first solar panels installed for Vencedore’s dorm. Sadly, these would never work. 

11/16.  Five children were brought to Casa and they ran to the dining hall without even saying goodbye to their mother. They are 10, 8, 5, 4 & three years old. Steve and Curtis waited all day for the electric company to come as they had promised.

11/17. Finally after all of these months the electric company did arrive and bring the three new transformers. The pump on the well quit working but Curtis was able to run a line from the back property in order to keep the water pumping. We were given a telephone pole and all of the boys wanted to help carry it to the back property. It was a sight to see.

11/18.  As I was preaching the children became amused at what I was saying and soon I had lost control of my congregation. One girl stood up and said that she felt as though I hated her. So I asked her to come up and I put my arms around her and I asked the children what they thought. The answer from one teen was “She has great potential and you will not let her waste it. It is because you love her, not hate her”. Today, April 16, 2019, the girl who said I hated her is married, has a child and both she and her husband are on staff here at Casa.