#341 our story

 The Huntsville team installed stoves & water filters as well as passed out tracts, Bibles and bags of food.

The Fayette team arrived.

Bob cooked Jambalaya for all the older teens and the two teams.

The little girls love to work with Dottie on Saturdays in her garden

11/10/2001.  The weather has been unusually cold the last two weeks. Dottie and a group of older boys are cleaning classrooms so that we can put the Christmas gifts in those rooms by dorms. Steve and Chris T. met in Guntersville, Al. to plan upcoming construction projects. It has been amazing as to how many states have sent teams to help in construction or Bible studies and even sewing teams. 

11/12. There was another plane crash in New York and of course everyone thought terrorist attack. We worried for David & Regina because they left early this morning and we pray that they will make their connections. John and Robyn are returning today so that concerns us also. There is a new high school in the city that emphasizes science and computers. I enrolled Edwin, Querwin, Haley, Jose, Evelin, Norma and Elder.

11/13. Another day of enrolling high school students in the city. This time it was Sara, Veronica, Oseas and Yerman. Last year we had a number of our children robbed on the bus or walking to their school from the bus stop. Eberto was beaten. So I am enrolling them in groups so they will not be alone. The students in medicine actually have to walk 8 blocks from the bus stop.

11/14. It was amusing today because we had placed an ad in the newspapers stating we needed 6 new teachers. There were 70 who replied so Carlos is going through the files and interviewing the ones he feels can help us. Even with the large number of children studying in the city we will also have 55 high school students enrolled here in our village San Bartolome’. Jorge’ and Estella are taking intense English classes so they can take the SAT, ACE and TOFUL tests so they can go to the states to study.