#340 our story

The team will be going tomorrow to install water filters & stoves as well as have a church service and give out food bags with Alex.

Friday they helped renovate two dormitories.

This is Wendy when she was feeling better. A parent should never have to bury their child.

11/4/2001. Today was visiting day and as parents entered over a dozen people with children tried to come in to leave their children here. Of course, we cannot take children without a court order so we told them to go to the judge tomorrow. We did receive 4 special needs children. One parent was able to sneak their child off of the property in the confusion. Eddy and Bob went to Saragoza where they found the child.

11/5. A real positive event today as Gledia who works in the baby dorm has offered to move in with and care for the girls in Esperanza. It is a real sacrifice as she moves from a private apartment to being in the room with 8 girls. Gledia was the second Guatemalan to come and work with us in 1990. I enrolled 14 students in the same school where we had 15 graduated recently. When I returned home there were 3 property owners waiting to see if I wanted to buy their land.

11/6. I called customs to ask why our two containers had not arrived. Their answer was that they were both red flagged and therefore were unloaded at the port. I had to go pay $650 per container for them to reload one of them and send it to Casa. It arrived at 10:30pm and the children had it unloaded by 12:30am.

11/7. The children were exhausted so they slept in. At 10am the second container arrived with 800 twenty foot long metal strips and pipes. Dottie & I spent the afternoon going over the Christmas lists and discovered that we have received 22 new children since finishing the gift buying. Now we will go shopping for these new children.

11/8. More Christmas shopping! I felt so fluish that we came home by noon and I went to bed. The dollar has been gaining strength here. A group from Louisisana arrived.

11/9. As we inventoried the items on the containers it became obvious that a number of items had been stolen in customs. Six cases of Cajun food, twenty chairs & 6 boxes of Christmas toys were just some of what was taken. Unfortunantly the power of the First Lady is waning. All through the years until today(April 16, 2019) we have experienced more and more problems with the government. However, our home is rated one of the best.