#339 our story

Burying your own child must is by far the most difficult thing in the world to do. The funeral for Wendy was sad. It was a two hour drive to the cemetery & her sisters who live at Casa were broken hearted.

Sebastian got sick as we were driving up there so Aroldo called an ambulance to come get him. He improved & was able to come home.  

Jeny has lived here almost all of her life & is in college. She would go stay with her mother on weekdays because the mother was ill. This morning the mother passed away. Josh & the Huntsville team arrived.

All 10 of our soccer teams won first plave in their ae groups

11/1/2001. Today is All Saint’s Day better known in Guatemala as the Day of the Dead. I was able to purchase 200 soccer balls in a street market. Kirk and Monica packed as they will be leaving tomorrow. They bought David’s truck & he bought their car. With many sponsors sending money for bicycles for Christmas 7 older boys began putting them together. 

11/2. For over a year we have been fighting the electric company over a $40,000 bill they sent me. Today they admitted it was an error and settled for $8,000. I do not believe it was an error. I believe that since I am an American they just thought that I had the money and they wanted it. Herb & Linda returned yesterday and Steve left early for his trip to the USA.

11/3. With Kirk and Monica gone I put Angelina in that dorm as the dorm mother. Angelina was our first girl back in 1989 so she is a young lady now of 22 years of age. When I first received Angelina I could not think of what I wanted the children to call me. I did not want to be Mister, Senor or Director so I asked her what would she like to call me. Immediately she said “Papi” which is “Daddy”. So here it is 30 years later and I still am Papi.