#338 our story

Wendy from dialysis died this morning. Her funeral will be tomorrow. She was 19 years old.

One of joys for the children when they reach the mid-term of the school year is the fact that there are soccer tournaments for all ages in the nearby villages. Yesterday our three youngest groups Kindergarten, prepatory and first grade won their three games while today the older kids played. The Americans who are here went to cheer the children on. We had a total of ten teams and they all won first place.

The Morganza Spillway in Louisiana is scheduled to be opened & the estimate is that the water around Krotz Springs will rise 7 feet.

Wendy and me at her Quienceanera (15th birthday)

10/26/2001. Ruebin, who preached yesterday, would soon go the USA to study. He would receive a degree from Maytag and has married with children & lives in Tn. Dottie and I would attend another graduation. This one was for Esvin & lasted until midnight. We received a 2 month old girl who was eaten up with lice. Sheryl simply shaved her head. Jimmy, 2, returned home from the hospital and the doctors say his eyes will be fine.

10/27. Another graduation! This time it was Alex. We still have 3 more graduations in 3 different schools. I know you will doubt me but one graduation is at IBC and 14 will be graduating. The interesting thing is that when your child graduates high school and his name is called it is the parents who go on the stage to stand by their child. So Dottie and I will go up on the stage 14 times that evening. Magdelena was hospitalized today with breathing problems. Pastor Dave took some of our teens and they showed the movie “The Cross and the Switchblade” in the park and a number of folks gave their hearts to Jesus.

10/28. Paula and Dottie took photographs of each child individually to send to their sponsors.  

10/29. Dottie and I took the 15 quinceaneras to the lake for a 3 day and 2 day excursion. This would become a yearly practice and is still going strong now in 2019. This was their first time in a hotel; first time in a swimming pool and the first time in a fancy restaurant. While we were gone we received a new 11 year old boy.

10/30-31. Jon Henry , age 13, preached while I was away. David said 12 children gave their lives to Christ.  We returned with the girls just in time to get dressed and attend the graduation for our 15 students.