#337 our story

The team from Tickfaw, Louisisana is painting baseboards and ceils in the dormitories.

Yesterday one of our long time friends, George, from NE Texas passed way. Debbie has sent Bibles on 4 occasions just this month to honor these friends. I pray daily that as my generation passes from this world to the next that God will raise up the younger generations to help Josue’ and our team to continue to work of Casa for years to come.

Tonight I spoke to the team.

Our kindergarten finished in first place in soccer

10/23. Today we enrolled Moises and Silvio in a prep school for entrance into the medical program at San Carlos University. Byron and Jorge are already enrolled. Sadly both of them would die early deaths before finishing their first year at San Carlos. Byron would have aneurism and Jorge would be killed by a gang. What makes the story even worse is that Jorge’s sponsors had a home near McNeese in Lake Charles, La. and they were going to bring Jorge there to study. Estella will be living with Harvey and Jenny Lynn in Milan, Tn where she has been accepted to study at Union University in Jackson, Tn.

10/24. Preperation day! Tomorrow will be graduation day for the kindergarten children and sixth grade. 260 children will receive their final report card so there is a lot of tension in the air. We will also present the 15 fifteen year old girls which is the celebration known as Quinceaneras. They will wear evening gowns and be escorted by either a boy from Casa or maybe a family member an at least one by their sponsor. Dottie began a tradition of buying hundreds of flowers and having the girls make their own bouquet. Jimmy, age 2, had his eyes operated on and is resting well.

10/25. It was a wonderful program. Over 95% of the children passed. Four had 97% or better in every subject. Over a dozen had 90% or better in every class. Jorge was the top student at his prep school. Farrell and Ina, his sponsors, came from Louisiana for the graduation. Ruebin preached while I was gone and David said that he did a great job. He is only 19 but the children respect him so much.