#336 our story

The children are blessed that the midterms have passed. Of course the teachers still had to grade, record and will distribute the report cards.

A few months ago the courts removed two children from Casa and sent them back to the abusive family. The courts called to ask if we would take them back because they were not being cared for. Of course we will take them.

Eagle Heights church arrived with 14 folks. Another team of 27 will be here Thursday.

Jorge’ returned from the hospital. We will have a nurse with him at all times.

Andres, Natasha and Estella visiting to tell us she will be having another child.

 10/19/2001. We had a rude group of government officials who wanted to know why we were allowing children ages 17 and over to stay at Casa and not go to work outside. I was not here but Steve told them that we provided college or INTERCAP which is a government program where high school graduates were able to take courses like electrician, carpenter, chef, etc. The inspector said, “Oh you are the home that sends kids to college. I have heard about you”.

10/20/2001. Today was a first in Guatemala as far as we know. Today was the soccer state championship. We had two teams in our league and they finished 1st& 2ndso they are playing today for the championship. Angelina was elected queen for the ceremonies.

10/21. Each morning we have 80 – 100 teenagers coming for prayer before breakfast. So many of our teens are teaching Sunday School that we decided to move the class to 7am so all of the children can be in the 8am service. Although it is Sunday we received two 18 wheelers and the children unloaded the 40 foot containers in less than 2 hours. 

10/22. Maria was robbed at gunpoint while returning from college in the evening. She was shaken but unhurt. A policeman jumped the thief as he left the bus. So Maria will have to testify in court. Carlos & his staff are working diligently in preparing the final report cards. He and I spoke today as to which teachers we will retain and which will be let go.