#335 Our story

We had to rush Jorge’ in dialysis by ambulance to the hospital in the city. He has a major infection in his catheter. Griselda is still in the hospital because of her catheter.

Parents visited today so we had Bible in the evenings.

Amy returned from the hospital. (appendectomy).

Andreas & Estella came to tell us she was pregnant with their second child. It is hard to believe they have been married 5 years. Natasha is 4. 

Our granddaughter Natasha with Dottie

10/14/2001. It was a perfect Sunday. The children are still on a high from the VBS so praise and worship were filled with excitement. Both our soccer teams, boys and girls, won first place this afternoon in San Lucas.

10/15. Sixteen boys said that they wanted suits for church so I took them to a tailor for measurements. While I was gone a government agency came to look at all of the paperwork on every child in order to see if we had any illegal children. 

It would take 2 weeks before they finished reading every report. Legally we have to have documentation on every child in these areas: medical, psychology, social services, education and reports by the dorm parents. In time we would have to have 72 full time staff just to provide the information required. By 2019 it would take 12 government officials 4 days to read the reports.

10/16. Gladys goes to high school in Guatemala City and I was called by the police to come pick her up as she had been robbed by three men who put a knife to her throat. She was very frightened. Gladys was terribly abused as a child having been stabbed many times by her sister. I can only imagine the memories 

10/17. We received two teenage girls, Angela & Nidia. This means we have now filled all the beds for teenage girls. The baby, Magdelina, has gained 2 pounds but is still hospitalized. 

10/18. I took 6 children to a vision/hearing clinic. It was confirmed that Carlos is deaf so we will need to enroll him in the school for the deaf in Guatemala City. Analy has volunteered to take him on a chicken bus each day.