#334 our story

John Hall & a team from The Woodlands UM Church dropped by. Nearly 20 years ago he invited me to speak at a conference. He said he would put us up with a couple which Dottie I do not like to do because we are around people all year. But we stayed with Earl & Pat & the four of us became great friends over the years. Two weeks ago he reached over to his sleeping wife & said “good-bye” & passed away. I have lost so many friends lately. Growing old allows you to have great memories of those you love.

The women had a baby shower for Kersey.

10/8/2001. The children began final exams today so there is a lot of tension for those who did not study. Yesterday I visited Elvin’s father who was ill and for whom we provided medicine. Today his wife came to tell me he died. We will see that he receives a proper burial. 

10/9. We received an eleven month old girl named Yessena. I took 2 children to court. There is a group of 17 boys who want to preach. So we began allowing them to minister the Word to the children 8-12 years of age. 

10/10. We had to hospitalize Magdelina the baby because she is very sick and her breathing is labored. The courts brought us a 14 year old girl.

10/12. There is great joy here at Casa because today was the last day of school for the year. It is so funny because some are already saying that they are bored. I was scheduled to meet with the First Lady and when I arrived at the palace I had to park 3 blocks away. So as I was walking a policeman accompanied by a soldier told me to return to my car and leave immediately because a violent demonstration was about to occur. I was able to leave safely. 

10/13. Three older teenage girls who have been very problematic came to me saying, “We are tired of being bad and we know that the only way to change and be good is to accept Jesus”. I was so proud of them and even more proud to pray with them for salvation. The Mississippi team left this morning amidst many tears and sorrows. The VBS they provided was off the charts and their ministry this week is the reason those three girls received Christ. Jorge’ took Jack and his team from Illinois around our community so Jack could take photos for a slide show.