#333 our story

The McCown family arrived for a three day stay.

Amy, a teenager, had an emergency appendectomy this morning.

One of our girls who was raised here and has graduated from college called me to tell me that has saved enough money and purchased property to build a home for she and her mother.

A fifth Guatemalan child age 16 has died in a detention center in Texas. The triangle of Guatemala, El Salvador & Honduras have so many thousands of people desperate for a better life. Last week a year old died & before that three children ages 7, 8 and 10 years old died. The long walk through Mexico, etc. is daunting.

Family game day!

10/1/2001. Ministered at Long Pine Assembly with Pastor Donald. He and I actually had churches 10 miles apart near Bunkie, La. After the service we drove to New Orleans where we left 8 boxes with a friend who will get them to Gulfport.

10/2. We spent the last day home by going to the two largest Christian book stores in New Orleans and Gretna. 

10/3. Due to 9/11 the security at the NO airport was extremely tight. But we were home by 2pm and I met with the staff. There is still a problem with the electrical company saying we owe them $40,000. This would be resoved in a few weeks. 

10/4. Pastor Dave gets up and prays at 4am and this morning over 30 boys joined him. Herb & Linda left for a month in the states. John drove 6 children to court. I feel as though the praise and worship tonight was the best we have ever had.

10/5. Final exams begin in a week so the children will be studying extra time to prepare. Steve is getting everything ready for our older boys and the men on staff to build a clinic in El Tejar.

10/6. A group from Michael Memorial arrived from Gulfport. They will be helping to build the half-gymnasium on the boy’s side. Our boys love soccer and the soccer field is on the girl’s side. The team will also be working on a recreation room.

10/7. A second Mississippi team arrived and they are working on the cleaning of the storage buildings. A member of the Guatemala National Soccer Team came to visit our boys and will be training them when he has time. The boys were in awe. Jack and his team from Illinois arrived.