#332 our story

The children finished the most difficult mid-term tests.

Mangy gave herself a birthday party with the money her sponsor sends monthly and Mangy has saved.

The authorities in Louisiana are opening the Morganza spillway for one of the few times in history. This will affect thousands of homes and even the Mississippi River’s flow. 

Mangie’s 19th birthday

9/25. This is how I end the day. Fernando and Estella were driving home from classes at the university when they were pulled over by the police. They were in our old grey van and one of the tail lights did not work. They did not have any money for a bribe and amount of arguing would help. So they came home with the police behind them. They woke me up and I paid the bribe. But that did not compare to what you are about to read.

One Saturday when it was extremely hot Dottie and I took our old brown truck and went to the city to buy 2x4s. I bought 50 and had to load them myself. By the time I was finished tying them down I was soaking wet with sweat. So Dottie said, “Just sit in the cab and I will get you some water.”

As I was sitting in the cab a policeman walked up to my truck and began writing me a ticket. I asked him what he was doing because I was legally parked. He responded, “You do not have a red flag on your lumber” to which I said, “But I am not driving.” He looked at me and then at the truck and he said, “But you were thinking about it.” I paid the bribe.

9/26. We drove to Alexandria where went ministered at the Church of Acts with AJ in the morning and then with Melvin and Chloe. In Guatemala Otto, Augustine and Jennifer were taken to a neurologist while Anna who was taken to the have her eyes examined. Remember she is the girl who was punished by being hit in her eyes with wire.

9/30. We finished our trip home by ministering at Church on the Rock.