#331 Our story

Our first team of the summer arrives Thursday. Gretchen is watching Mike’s dorm and Kathy has been watching Don’s dorm.

Wednesday afternoon we had a family game competition with all of the children.

We start paying the extra month’s salary to all employees this week. 

Nicky & Katie: Two of our grandchildren

9/22/2001. There is a barber school in Guatemala City and they sent 45 barbers and beauticians to Casa to cut hair and make the girls pretty. David and Regina celebrated their 3rdyear in the Buen Pastor boy’s dorm. Lots of food for all!

9/23. I preached at First Baptist in Crossett where Dottie’s father was pastor for many years. There was an entire large section of white haired folks who knew Dottie since early childhood. These folks would prove to be a main source of revenue for Casa as they demonstrated their love for Dottie and the ministry she has. In the evening I ministered at First Baptist of Hamburg. Back in Guatemala the weather was cool and wet but many family members came to visit their children. One mother left her 14 year old daughter there and no one knew until bed time. Normally it is the reverse as they try to kidnap their child.

9/24. We have been busy and blessed on this trip home and we return to Casa in a couple of days. I asked Dottie what she would like to do and she said that she always wanted to go to Natchez, Ms to see the Antebellum homes so we did. We even rode a horse pulled buggy so that Dottie could see all of the homes and go into three of them. Magdalena is not improving so they will have to perform surgery. She is 4 months old and weighs 6 pounds.

9/25. Otto had an MRI today. He is one of 5 children at Casa who have epilepsy. 

It would eventually take his life.