#330 Our story

21st: Mike & Amber left today for their one month vacation.

Another mayoral candidate came tonight.

The mother of Griselda is not cooperating very well. That makes it hard on Griselda.

9/17/2001.  We returned to Gulfport with all the goodies from Tanner Williams and loaded them onto to container. We had lunch with Mike and Marlene who have been so kind and generous working so hard to insure the containers are filled and shipped. The government announced that the dollar is holding strong in spite of the terrorist attacks. Of course, this is critical for us because the salaries we pay our employees depends on the dollar’s fluctuation. Both Anali and Karen enrolled in pre-med classes at the university.

9/18. After shopping we drove to Bunkie, La. to visit my brother’s grave. The farmers in Guatemala are in a panic over the bombing because they are afraid it will affect their shipping their crops ton the USA. We received 3 girls ages 2,4 and 5. Their mother died.

9/19. We visited our son, Tony, who works in Natchitoches. We then went to the college and sat on the bench where I proposed to Dottie in 1962. A woman passed by so I got on one knee and the lady take a photo of the reenactment of that life changing day. In Guatemala the 14 year old girl who has been giving our staff fits with her bad behavior was brought to court and the judge admitted that this was a very disturbed teenager. They originally told us she was a great young girl. 

9/20. Drove to Crosette, Ar to see Dottie’s family. Back home we had a local pastor minister to the children.

9/21. Did nothing! We are tired of shopping and driving. Back in Guatemala Steve took 2 children to court and Carlos took the honor roll students on an outing.