#329 Our story

Cindy II in dialysis turns 18 in September & will be ineligible for treatment with Dr. Lou. She has no family. We need a miracle to continue her dialysis.

Griselda is not doing well & is back in the hospital.

Dr. Heidy arrive & will be coming 4 days a week to check teeth.

This week is mid-term exams.

9/12/2001. The aftershock of the planes crashing into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon & in Pennsylvania is being felt I suppose as intense & unbelievable as the bombing of Pearl Harbor. It is as though everything is in slow motion and everyone is trying to wake up from this bad dream. Mike B. came to our motel with a trailer and we loaded 60 boxes of items for the container. We spoke at Michael Memorial Baptist Church.

9/13. Although our hearts are broken we continued shopping for clothes and Christmas gifts for the children so we can load it on the container. Dottie and I spoke live on WAOY in Gulfport. 

9/14. Spoke on the radio and shopped and boxed the items for Mike B. We drove to Escatapaw and rested. John called us to tell us that Magdalena is very ill so they hospitalized her.

9/15. We were asked to tape more They asked us to make a few tapes of daily devotions. There was a mistake on the electric bill as it was $36,000. The electric company knew it was an error & said they would wait until I returned home to Guatemala and we would straighten it out.

radio shows so we obliged the station. Of course, I do love to talk. Today is March 20, 2019 as I write this update and we are still on the radio. It has now been over 35 years that we have had a daily program on KAJN. We spoke in the evening in Wilmer, Al. at Tanner Williams Assembly where they surprised us with a “Christmas in September” party after we spoke. They loaded us up with boxes of items both personal and for the children to ship to Guatemala. Back home in Guatemala a church came to minister to our children using puppets.