Thirty years ago we came to Guatemala and hundreds of people helped us over the years. Now many of them are with the Lord or on social security as well as so many pastors are dead or retired. Another of my classmates passed away today.Would you pray the Lord will give us new churches & congregations.

Dottie & some teens went to a reception for Nestor & Robyn.

Charlie & Helmer. He was a handful growing up here.

9/11/2001. Dottie and I were at a Christian radio station about to minister when the news came of the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and the crash of the 4thplane in Pennsylvania. In the evening I went to Leaksville, Ms. where I ministered at the prison. Sister Kathleen is a combination of Mother Teresa and a drill sergeant and those prisoners two the line.

It was an event that demonstrated that God still works even when the world is in chaos. I had no idea what to preach to those prisoners. As they filed into the room there were about 100 prisoners and a number of guards. They filled the chairs from front to back as they entered but left two chairs right in front of the pulpit unoccupied.

A few minutes later the largest man I have ever seen came in with handcuffs and his feet shackled. He took the two chairs in front of me. I just bowed my head and asked God to please fill my mouth.

I heard myself say, “I have a home for children in Guatemala with 500 children who are just like you”. That caught their attention. Then I continued,”They do not have a father that loved them. I believe many of you feel the need of a father to love and to love you back”.

All of a sudden the large man stood up and as guards were moving towards him he said to me, “Can you hold me.” I held him as best I could and prayed for him. When he sat down there was a line of men waiting for me to hug them.

The time allotted for the service elapsed so Sister Kathleen asked the guards to contact the warden and tell him what was happening. They gave me an extra hour. This was possibly one of the greatest moments of my life.