#327 Our story

There was a bus that overturned between Chimaltenango & our home. It was worrisome at first because we have college students that go to school in Chimaltenango. But it was an express bus coming to San Bartolome’.

Sadly one person was killed.

Sunday our current older boys played against our boys who have left for a championship in San Bartolome’.

Jacobo is a dental assistant with a desire to be a dentist

9/7/2001. Dottie & I spoke live on KAJN radio in Crowley with Brother Barry. We left there and were able to get to our granddaughter’s school where we were able to celebrate Grandparents Day with Beca. Magdalena, 2 months old, was hospitalized and John is still in the hospital also. Our teens went and distributed 1000 pounds of food to a village in the drought area. They stayed and held a service with Jorge’ ministering and 22 people were saved. Jorge’ was our first child through the courts in 1989.

9/8. Visited our daughter, Crissy, in Patterson. Back home a teenager came to our gate begging for help as the local gang tried to lynch him because he would not join.

9/9. Ministered at Word of Life in Patterson with Pastors Lee & Nell then drove to Baker where we ministered at Inter-faith Assembly With Pastor Frank.

9/10. Visited my mom in Baton Rouge then drove to Gulfport to help with the loading of the container. Received a 14 year old girl. She was found in a village by 8 soldiers.9/11. World Trade Center and the world is forever changed