#326 Our story

The teens in the transition house are doing so good under Billy & Olga. Ana, Kenneth, Marcos and Kevin are all working & preparing for their futures. Paola is working with the police & will move into transition in January.

All of the children had the family dinner tonight. 

Please continue to pray for more house parents.

8/24/2001. The courts sent us a 14 year old girl who was literally covered with tattoos. She had run away from 4 other homes. And a few days later she ran away from us and took one of our best girls with her.. I took three older boys and we began searching and we followed her to the El Salvador border where the officials told us she had crossed only 4 hours earlier. But the good teen did not cross. She just cried and cried begging me not to send her to another home.  It was a tiring and long trip back to Casa. 

8/25. Dottie and I took 12 seventh graders to help us wrap gifts for Christmas. Then we took them to lunch and a movie. Our church from Chimaltenango came and brought supper for all of the children.

8/27. Today I took the father of the good teen to court where he asked the judge 

to please leave her here. The court agreed. We received a precious little boy age 10 who has been mistreated for years. His father made him beg in the streets and if he did not collect enough money his father spanked him with bob wire. The mother had left the home when this young boy was only two years old. He ran away and was shining shoes when a policeman asked who he was. He told the policeman his story so the policeman took him to court and he was brought here. He would eventually graduate from high school. God saved his life.

8/28. We had a surprise visit today by two government agencies. I was gone so Steve took them around. When he mentioned that we had children in collage their countenance changed and one said, “So you are the children’s home that sends kids to college. We have heard of you.”

8/30. The month ended with us taking 14 children for eye exams.