#326 Our story

I wrote over 50 letters & many updates while Dottie attended a women’s meeting in San Lucas

Nelson was raised here & now is married with one child. He is the son of Felipe who has worked for years here at Casa. Nelson is our main driver and yesterday he was very ill & went to the doctor to discover that his blood sugar is over 600. That is critical. Please pray for him.

Griselda had surgery & the catheter is in her leg. She may return to Casa tomorrow. Today is her birthday.

We will need dorm parents by the end of the year.

Griselda with Aroldo and her birthday cake

9/1/2001.  Sadly today the optometrist verified that Ada is blind in one eye. Ana who is the girl who was disciplined by her father by being hit in the eyes with wire has major eye damage. Last night when Eberto left school in the city he was jumped and beaten by a gang. They took what little he had. 

9/3. A famine has been declared on the border between Guatemala & Honduras. Children are dying from malnutrition. It is being caused by along running drought. We were blessed a few weeks ago with 12,000 pounds of corn. We have already given 6000 pounds to the office of the President’s wife so we added another 2000 for that particular area. The police brought us a 10 year old with the body of a 6 year old. She asked the police who brought her if we were going to hit her. The soles of her feet are scarred terribly as she was disciplined by being beaten with wire on her feet.

9/4. John became so ill we had to hospitalize him. I spent the day working on a new power point presentation. The courts sent us a two month old who we put in the hospital immediately. She weighed 7½ pounds at birth but now is less than 5 pounds. While I went with her to the hospital the courts sent an 8 month old who was abandoned in the streets. There was actually a note attached to her clothes warning the courts if they made her keep the baby then she would kill it. 

9/5. We left for the USA at 4:30am and had time to eat breakfast with Earl & Pat in Houston before flying to New Orleans. My mother picked us up and we drove to Lake Charles. So it was a long day. Steve took 6 children to court.

9/6. Dottie & I were on TV at 6:15am. Then we had blood work done. Had a physical exam. Then spoke at a Lion’s Club. At 3pm I had an eye exam followed by lazar surgery. Steve had to take another 11 children to court and then paid for 8 new telephone lines.