#324 our story

We had another mayoral candidate visit. Since we have so many 18 year old young people it adds up to a lot of votes thus all of the candidates want to present their platform. Two of the candidates actually went to high school in San Bartolome’ years ago with Alex, Fernando, Gladys and dozens of other children. The years have just flown by.

I would appreciate you all praying that we would have more people interested in being dorm parents.

Georgie, Oscar and Gretchen all returned today.

8/20/2001. God intervened in a mighty way today. I was in the city when Dottie contacted me about two of our most abused boys being sent back to their parents. 

It just did not feel right so I called our social worker who was also in the city and he also felt something was wrong. So he drove back to Casa and the man with the paper work had lied about being a lawyer and the paperwork itself was false. 

8/21. I taught the children about water Baptism as we will have a baptismal service this Thursday. The courts sent 2 investigators as a parent had filed charges saying we beat two babies. This is actually the 3rdtime in 4 years a parent has tried to get their child by lying concerning our workers in the baby dorm. Of course, we were cleared of any wrong doing.

8/23. I was called to court and it was actually a blessing as the judge just wanted to tell me that we were doing a good job. We had baptism this afternoon in which 130 children and staff were baptized. It was glorious!